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About Jahan Teb Tabesh

Aiming at supplying products and services with the highest quality and focusing on importation, distribution and sale of consumable and semi-consumable equipment required by treatment and medical center of the country, Jahan Teb Tabesh Company commenced its activity in 2008. Utilizing capabilities and experience of managers and personnel of the company and considering its proper knowledge on market, this company continues its growth by representing well-known companies exclusively for supplying and distributing products required by majority of treatment centers and hospitals of the country. It tries to gain trust of its customers more and more by adopting a customer-orientation attitude. 

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Company’s name: Jahan Teb Tabesh | Managing Director: Mr. Saeed Mirabdollah | Scope of activity: Medical Equipment | Telephone: 88147154- 88446836- 88147026 | Fax: 88408721 | Address: 2nd Unit, No.12, Farhang St., Police St., Shariati Ave., Tehran | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.